TAFAWOQ is an elite project management centre of excellence, established in 2012, focused on developing the competencies of project management professionals to deliver Qatar’s extraordinary capital investment projects, in support of the Qatar National Vision 2030.

TAFAWOQ acts as a knowledge transfer platform aimed at laying the foundation for a solid project management community in Qatar and the region.

TAFAWOQ is a partnership between Qatar Shell, Qatar Petroleum, Qatar University and Hamad Bin Khalifa University.


team6 - ABOUT US

I attended Essentials of Project Management (EOPM) by Tafawoq. The EOPM is an integrated, comprehensive and holistic program. It involved reflecting on my past work experiences, evaluating them on various project management concepts and sharing the findings with great faculty and participants coming from rich and diverse backgrounds. This broadened my perspectives and allowed me to learn exponentially. My most significant takeaways from the program are structured risk definitions (I use it on ERM process), collaborative and not competitive negotiations and stakeholder management. I consider EOPM an effective program for every successful project manager.

Roop Bhavnani
Technical Coordinator, Dukhan Concession Area, Qatar Petroleum

team8787 120x120 - ABOUT US

Coming from a predominantly technical background, the Essentials of Project Management course was a hands-on, thought-provoking program that left me inspired; feeling much more influential with many actionable take-aways I can apply immediately. The virtual phase took a lot of effort and dedication; however, once the face-to-face phase started it all fit into place- bringing all course participants to common grounds where meaningful learning can occur. In hindsight, every module, every essay question I had to research, link to my own experience and put in writing was the perfect recipe to gain true appreciation for the class room week and the superb facilitators who were present every step of the way. Thanks to all the efforts that continuously go into delivering such training opportunities at such high standards and passion

Mirna Sunna
Risk Management Lead

team6 - ABOUT US

Attending this course was a very nice experience. I learned a lot and would like to take another course with TAFAWOQ soon.

AlMaha Al Malki

team6 - ABOUT US

The course was a very good experience, teaching the basics of project management. We learned from the many different experiences of people on the course – I learned how projects could be managed, both from the experience of the facilitator, as well as the other group members.

Khalid Ezran

team6 - ABOUT US

The course was very engaging and based on realistic situations which makes learning very easy. We conduct small projects in our day-to-day lives, and how we do them determines the time and quality of the project. I learned the basic concepts and steps that are crucial to start and end a project. The facilitator was very helpful – she led amazing activities that kept us all engaged. It helped us understand the subject even though oil and gas is not my field. She could explain the topic without overwhelming us.

Nousheen Shaikh
Qatar Airways

team6 - ABOUT US

This is my first course with Shell and TAFAWOQ. There is a good amount of work required to pass it, including six quizzes and one case study, and lots of information provided in the presentations. I have learned a lot of that information – as I am a project engineer and this has helped me to start my career.

Mohammed Al-Thani

team6 - ABOUT US

TAFAWOQ is a professional training organization that successfully teaches proven concepts aligned to the reality of work. The interactive coaching sessions and games were amazing and helped my conceptual understanding. It made the entire learning process much easier!”

Vicky F Fakhrurrazi

team6 - ABOUT US

My experience with TAFAWOQ was amazing. I liked the course: it was great and it was useful – I learned lots about project management. I usually get involved with a project when it has already started, and now I know what happens before that. Also, I learnt more oil and gas terminology, and many other things.

Fatema Mirzaei
SC 2022

Jassim Al Hor 120x120 - ABOUT US

Why would I start from zero when I can start where others have left off? I studied Managing Project Execution with nearly 25 participants. I’ve been in this field since 1999 and yet the experience of all those professionals, combined with the experience of the facilitators, helped me further my own experience by months and years, by reflecting on all of our successes and failures.

Jassim Al Hor
Lead Specialist Engineer at Qatar Petroleum

Maha Al Khater 120x120 - ABOUT US

I liked how the course looked at different industries, not just oil and gas. And I really benefited from the community, as it is a diverse mix of professionals who brought with them an abundance of experience as well as various interpretations of different aspects of management. TAFAWOQ has really provided me with the complete experience, as it is this sharing of knowledge that I find invaluable for my work

Maha Al Khater
HR analyst for Al Karaana Project at Qatar Shell

Fahad Al Mahmoud 120x120 - ABOUT US

I have completed two courses with TAFAWOQ so far, and I’m very happy that I did. Although the courses require hard work and commitment, the knowledge I gained and the experiences which other participants shared were worth it. I would recommend it to everyone involved in major projects, as it involves studying realistic projects and one can see the benefit of applying various best-practices that have already been adopted by project professionals.

Fahad Al Mahmoud
Senior Maintenance Engineer at Qatar Petroleum

team6 - ABOUT US

I have found the TAFAWOQ courses challenging. The examples and the case studies have made me aware of new aspects of successful project management and have given me a good understanding and strong basis for corporate planning. I had a great learning experience and I look forward to learning more

Mariam Al Houli
Planner at Kuwait Oil Company

team6 - ABOUT US

I find TAFAWOQ courses very interactive. During the face-to-face sessions, you are able to interact with individuals from a number of companies and gain the benefit of sharing their experiences. I found this course very practical and look forward to implementing the skills that I have learned.

Dalal Al Obyian
Design Engineer at Kuwait Oil Company

Nasser Alhaj Salem 120x120 - ABOUT US

I am very much impressed with the exceptional level of professionalism I witnessed throughout my experience with TAFAWOQ. The course was delivered by highly experienced facilitators, who were available not only during the face to face period but during the virtual period as well. I would also like to highlight the efforts of the TAFAWOQ team who worked hard to ensure that the course is conducted successfully in a professional but yet friendly environment

Nasser Alhaj Salem
Senior Planning Engineer at Qatar Petroleum