The past, present and future of project management

22nd February 2019
As a profession with millions of people working around the globe, project management is in a constant state of development....
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Four practices to better manage your project resources

14th February 2019
No project runs its course without some project team issues or concerns. Any time you have a group of highly-skilled...
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Innovation management within the transformation programme

24th January 2019
Many of us are familiar with the transformation life cycle exemplified through MSP®. There is plenty of language to use...
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What is the relationship between managing change, stress and men and women’s mental health in projects?

16th January 2019
If we consider a project to be ‘a unique, transient endeavour undertaken to achieve a desired outcome’ – we can...
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Project management – a first career choice

14th August 2018
If you’re reading this, you are probably a project professional. You won’t need convincing of the fact that project professionals...
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What is leadership? The big debate…

9th August 2018
Leadership is such an interesting and evocative abstract noun. It conjures up a variety of different expectations, experiences and contexts....
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Is sponsorship for life or just for Christmas?

9th August 2018
So, is sponsorship for life or just for Christmas? In short, at Royal Mail we believe it is for life...
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Risk in programme management

7th August 2018
At programme level, risk has a different aim and approach from project management. At this level it uses different tools...
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Do we engage stakeholders effectively?

19th January 2018
We know that building strong relationships drives projects. As project complexity increases For more details press here
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From RPP to chartered project professional

16th January 2018
As a Registered Project Professional (RPP) I have been looking forward to the day that I can build on that...
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Every day risk management

11th January 2018
We make risk assessments every day, and generally we do them well. Most of us look both ways before looking...
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Valuing benefits: what value are we trying to capture?

9th January 2018
In this article we first ask the question ‘Why value benefits?’. Although my opinion is not hidden here, it’s a...
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A brief history of Gantt charts

4th January 2018
It is difficult to envisage how a modern project would be managed without at some point creating a chart of...
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Is the project Gantt chart still relevant today?

2nd January 2018
Is the Gantt chart still relevant? Yes, it most definitely is. Whether the customer wants to see it or needs...
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