Managing Opportunity & Project Risks

Course Overview

This course is focused on identifying and managing project risks and opportunities to deliver successful project outcomes. This module uses proven methods to identify, evaluate, report and manage risks during project development and execution. It also addresses the impact of human influences and attitudes (including stakeholder expectations) on the decision-making process during the project lifecycle. The following topics will be addressed, and relevant capabilities developed by the participants:

• Understanding uncertainty and risk, and their impact on individuals and groups in a project management environment
• Manage the risk process across the project lifecycle, and across all disciplines
• Support decision-making by trading-off project objectives (cost, time and quality) in relation to risks, to improve project outcomes

Who should attend?

This course is designed for:
• Project Managers with a minimum 5 years of experience on capital projects
• Professionals responsible for risk management of major projects


• Contributing to Projects: TAFAWOQ introductory course
• Essentials of Project Management: TAFAWOQ foundation course

Delivery Method:

90 hours of blended learning

opportunity9568 - Managing Opportunity & Project Risks

Course Structure

MOPR - Managing Opportunity & Project Risks