Managing Project Definition

Who should attend?

This course is intended for Project Managers, Project Engineers and Project Services Managers/Personnel who have completed the TAFAWOQ “Essentials of Project Managment” course. The course will benefit those who have, or will have, a role in project activities that occur between Concept Selection and the Final Investment Decision (FID).

What participants will learn

The course introduces participants to the techniques and skills for improving the activities that a typical Project Manager/Engineer must accomplish once the Concept Selection Decision has been made for a project. Specifically, the course offering will explore the following areas.
• Understanding the Concept Selection Decision and assumptions
• The work required and outputs to be delivered to pass through Decision Gates 3 & 4 (DG3 & DG4)
• Stakeholder Engagement
• Governance and Assurance
• Project Controls & Change Control / Management of Change
• Managing Risks and Integrating Risks into project plans
• Organising the Project Team
• Contracting & Procurement Strategy & Plans
• Quality and Process Safety

The course does not aim to teach the specific processes and standards that are implemented in the Define phase: there are other industry courses and online training that cover these in great depth. Rather, the course emphasis is on translating the Concept Selection Report (pre-DG3) into a project with potential for development and delivery, by preparing plans to enable efficient execution post-DG4. This delivery is the Project Manager’s/Engineer’s responsibility and is achieved through integration of various required processes and the management of the many influences on project development during the Select and Define phases.

Upon completion of this course, participants will be able to achieve the following:
• Apply typical front-end development work processes within governance and project assurance requirements, in a manner that is efficient and effective for a specific project
• Plan, organise, estimate, manage and control front-end development activities, to produce quality deliverables that define scope and execution plans, and which are consistent with project goals and business needs
• Ensure development of HSSE that enables safe effective execution, commissioning, startup and long-term operation of the asset. Effectively manage the many influences that support risk response and appropriately engage stakeholders to achieve project execution within the agreed objectives


• Essentials of Project Management: TAFAWOQ foundation course

Delivery Method:

120 hours of blended learning

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