Press Clippings


March 23rd, 2016: TAFAWOQ Hosts Project Economics for Project Managers Workshop

March 03rd, 2016: TAFAWOQ Hosts a Masterclass in HSSE Leadership for Project Managers


January 17th, 2015: TAFAWOQ Honored at First CSR Event in Qatar

February 22nd, 2015: Qatar Facing Critical Shortage of Project Managers

April 19th, 2015: 42 of TAFAWOQ’s Participants Awarded with the Internationally Accredited PMA Certificate

September 03rd, 2015: TAFAWOQ Bridging the Gap between Industry & Academia

November 17th, 2015: TAFAWOQ Delivers Risk Management Workshop to Industry Professionals


May 10th, 2014: TAFAWOQ Gathers Qatar’s Project Management Community

June 04th, 2014: TAFAWOQ and ASTAD Collaboration

October 15th, 2014: The First TAFAWOQ Participants to Get Accredited by APM

November 30th, 2014: Shell Wins ‘Project Management Company of the Year’ 2014


May 30th, 2013: TAFAWOQ Offers New Courses This Year

June 2nd, 2013: Interview with Saad Al Muhannadi, Chairman of the TAFAWOQ Steering Committee

June 22nd, 2013: TAFAWOQ Brings Project Management Community Together


Dec 13th, 2012: Project Professionals Complete TAFAWOQ Learning Programmes