TAFAWOQ has awarded a new group of professionals from Qatar and the region with the International Project Management Association (IPMA) certificate.

A total of 42 professionals were awarded the IPMA-level D certificate after successfully completing the ‘Essentials of Project Management’ course. This programme familiarises new project professionals with on the principles, and practices of project management over the life cycle of a capital investment project.

In 2014, TAFAWOQ’s course ‘Essentials of Project Management’ (EoPM) was accredited by the Association for Project Management (APM), which is the largest independent professional body of its kind in Europe with 500 corporate and 18,500 individual members.

We are very proud of the 42 project engineers who were awarded with an IPMA-level D certificate. This achievement will allow them to enrol in more advanced programmes to further develop their project management skills.

Through its accredited programme, TAFAWOQ is laying the foundations of a local community of project management professionals. The new skills acquired by the participants will make them more well-rounded professionals and will allow them to excel in their work environments and help them contribute to Qatar’s extraordinary capital development projects

Bader Al Jaidah – TAFAWOQ’s Director

IMG 3224a - 42 of TAFAWOQ’s Participants Awarded with the Internationally-accredited PMA Certificate