We are proud to announce that the Association for Project Management (APM) has awarded TAFAWOQ the status of accredited APM training provider. As a result we are now able to offer the participants of the next Essentials of Project Management Course (EoPM+) also the opportunity to go through formal examination and receive a certificate of accreditation in accordance with APMP, IPMA Level D.

The new status of TAFAWOQ as accredited APM training provider is the first step towards creating formal Qatar IPMA membership organisation. This membership organisation will consists of the TAFAWOQ alumni, and will allow its members to have full access to the suite of information and world-wide events organised by IPMA, APM and other IPMA membership organisations. With the Alumni of the EoPM programme now being offered the opportunity to be assessed and accredited as per APMP, IPMA Level D, it is expected that the Qatar IPMA membership organisation will be formally inaugurated at our fall 2014 TAFAWOQ Community event.

Tafawoq 2012 Group HighDSC 3070 - Get APMP Accredited on the next EoPM+ Course