By day, Ghanim Al Sulaiti is a tunnel engineer at QDVC, working to connect Qatar through a state-of-the-art metro system. When he’s not helping change the physical landscape of Qatar, he’s trying to create a healthier population through his growing vegan business empire.

Al Sulaiti is a graduate of three TAFAWOQ courses, and uses the skills he learned both at QDVC and Evergreen Café, Qatar’s first vegan restaurant, which he opened in 2016. Even though the two positions seem very different, he says some of the same skills apply to both.

“TAFAWOQ is not just about engineering; it’s about how to manage real situations,” he says. “I went from managing zero employees to more than 100 in two years, and everything I learn now, I can apply the next day. That’s what I love about courses like TAFAWOQ, because I can relate to everything I learn.”

Al Sulaiti first heard about TAFAWOQ, and signed up for the Contributing to Projects course. After completing that, he returned for Applying Project Controls, and Essentials of Project Management.

“I’m always excited to learn something different and add some value to my skill set. In both my job at QDVC and in my own business, I wanted to learn more about how to lead and manage,” he says. “TAFAWOQ’s curriculum structure fits with my work schedule, and the knowledge and network I made make me want to return.”

In addition to Evergreen, Al Sulaiti owns several other vegan businesses, including a skin care line, a factory that makes biodegradable packaging, and a restaurant in Cambodia.

“My engineering background has helped me in terms of the technical side, construction and so on,” he says. “Without my engineering job, I would not be able to do this, so the two are so closely connected.”

Ghanim Al Sulaiti - Ghanim Al Sulaiti: The Vegan Engineer