To complement their theoretical coursework on leadership with practical insights into the workings of industry frontrunners, 40 participants from the Executive Leaders Program at Qatar Leadership Centre (QLC) recently visited Qatar Shell Research and Technology Centre (QSRTC). Organized in collaboration with Qatar Shell’s TAFAWOQ – an elite project management center of excellence in the region – the visit specially focused on the centrality of health, safety, security, and environment (HSSE) protocols in leadership principles.
Notably, Chairman and Managing Director, Qatar Shell, Andrew Faulkner opened the session and delivered welcoming remarks to the visiting participants. Then, the participants attended a series of oral and visual presentations delivered by Deputy Vice President, Pearl GTL, Misfer Al-Bidaiwi; Vice President QSRTC and R&D, Hussein Al-Hijji; Director at TAFAWOQ, Bader Al-Jaidah; General Manager of HSSE, Soy Tir; Country Health Manager, Dr. Israr Ahmed; Technology Manager, Dhruv Arora; and Social Investment Advisor, Dana Al-Semaiti.
Describing the impetus behind the Centre’s latest excursion into the local industrial landscape, Dr. Ali Jassim Al-Kubaisi, Acting Executive Director, Qatar Leadership Centre said: “This trip strategically aligns with our curricular objective of cultivating a leadership management mindset in our participants. It is only with the ability to see work environments from multi-faceted perspectives that these professionals will become capable of achieving the national aspirations outlined in the strategic development agenda of Qatar National Vision 2030.”
Director of Programs, QLC, Mohammed Saad M. Alrumaihi added: “This visit is one amongst many that Qatar Shell has hosted for members of our Executive Leaders Program, briefing them on the significant steps that the world-renowned oil-and-gas leader is taking in their drive to achieve ‘Goal Zero’ – a safety-first organizational culture that seeks to enable all Shell operators to successfully execute their roles while safeguarding personal, procedural, and transport safety.”
Speaking on the role of TAFAWOQ and how it may add value to QLC’s visiting cohort, Director at TAFAWOQ, Bader Al-Jaidah said: “At TAFAWOQ, we focus on competency development through coaching and mentoring as well as community networking. To this end, we identify the needs of different Qatar-based organizations and then collaborate in progressive partnerships with them. With QLC’s participants, we seek to contribute towards the creation of a cadre of safety-conscious leaders, each of whom may promote a culture of HSSE in Qatar within their own respective fields of specialization – be it in energy, media, construction, logistics, etc. This is because safety is equally essential for the success of every individual and industry alike.”
The full day’s agenda included a tour of the facilities, executive presentations by specialists on a wide range of pertinent topics – such as industry case studies, safety leadership, care for people, enhancing human performance, risk normalization, social investment, performance strategies, cultural challenges, learning from dilemmas and challenges, and establishing best practices – as well as group workshops dedicated to exploring the significance of proactive leadership in this area.
On the sidelines of the lecture, General Manager of HSSE, Soy Tir elaborated on the motivation of prioritizing HSSE in the lives of professionals: “We all come to work because we all have similar aspirations; in addition to achieving professional goals, we all commonly wish to advance life for our families. Importantly, we all wish to go back and enjoy that life with them.” Country Health Manager, Dr. Israr Ahmed continued, “As such, during our interaction with participants from Qatar Leadership Centre, we discussed the importance of building a mindset of safety leadership as a means to safeguard their health at work and accelerate human performance in all spheres of personal and professional life.”
Interactive activities, such as site visits, allow the QLC’s National Leadership Program participants to effectively bridge the gap between academia and industry in order to achieve a more holistic understanding of leadership at work. These opportunities additionally present the Centre’s community of participants with a unique platform to network with subject matter experts involved across key industries in Qatar in a candid environment.
Executive Leaders Program participants’ latest meetings at the QSRTC comes against the backdrop of their visit last month to the headquarters of Single Window, a government initiative that seeks to streamline all administrative procedures in the country to facilitate exchange of information, services, and economic activities between market players. During that visit, the participants had focused on the role of technology in the national development framework, courtesy of its assistive properties with official government procedures, stimulating local market activity, and encouraging international investment.

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