TAFAWOQ, the world-class Project Management Centre of Excellence, has engaged students of Texas A&M University at Qatar (TAMUQ) in a career-oriented workshop that provides graduating youth with insights into the project management industry.
TAFAWOQ facilitated the ‘Contributing to Projects’ workshop, which was attended by 18 students currently enrolled in TAMUQ’s Engineering Enrichment programme.
The workshop, which took place under the guidance of TAFAWOQ’s Senior Facilitator, Ms. Sally Jabaley, featured four weeks of virtual courses, followed by four days of face to face lectures on the university campus.
The course concluded with a panel discussion that brought together students and members of TAMUQ’s alumni, who later joined Qatar Shell and Qatar Petroleum, among other companies.
By engaging a younger audience of university students about to embark on their career journey, TAFAWOQ aims to offer the future generation of Qatari professionals a glimpse into the real life dynamics of project management.
The ‘Contributing to Projects’ module familiarises participants with the basic terminology, theories, principles, processes and practices necessary for the development and execution of major capital investment projects, thus enabling professionals to effectively support project progression.
TAFAWOQ’s decision to open the workshop, which was reserved for industry professionals, to students reflects its commitment to promoting human development during the early stages of education and professional development.
By investing in human capital at the grassroots level, TAFAWOQ seeks to further assist in advancing the project management industry in Qatar, and ultimately contributing to the Qatar National Vision 2030.
TAFAWOQ, a partnership between Qatar Petroleum, Qatar Shell, and Hamad Bin Khalifa University, offers world-class training for project professionals through unique programmes designed to further develop the competencies of the thriving project management community in Qatar.